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How Soumya Transitioned From Retail To Industry
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Soumya was ready for change but lost in what to do about it...
After 7 years in Retail Pharmacy, Soumya knew she was ready for change but unsure about how to get it.

She was starting to feel burnt out from the long hours, lack of pharmacy technician help, and the overall sense that the big box retail chain for whom she worked was way more focused on the bottom line than the actual care of patients.

She was determined to find a position that she was more passionate about—and a company whose mission was aligned with her own values.

Yet, finding a role that would check all the boxes was proving to be incredibly difficult.

She felt lost and overwhelmed.

Working full-time in an understaffed, extremely high-volume store and looking for her dream job when she didn't even know what it was added to her stress.

After 3 months of looking on her own and growing increasingly weary, she scheduled a consultation with Pharmacy Career Coach.
She reported that after 3 months, she still "wasn't entirely sure what she wanted and the applications she did send out didn’t result in any interviews."

Soumya let us know, "I need help with my approaching skills, refining my networking skills, with marketing myself better, and I need help finding a job that is fulfilling for me."

She had worked so hard up to this point in her career in retail pharmacy and was successful (having reached leadership as a Pharmacy Manager), but she still unhappy...

It was clear what she was missing. ..

She lacked clarity and an effective strategy.

She was hesitant at first to join the coaching program, but ultimately realized that what she was doing wasn't working. She could see herself being unsuccessfull for another 6, 9, 12, or more months but that would be beyond painful!

Soumya would later tell us, "I didn't know you guys, but I took it like an investment in my career."

After enrolling in our Platinum Coaching Program, her coach was able to quickly help her get crystal clear on exactly what she wanted to do in her career—and the specific roles and companies that aligned with her interests and values.

Then, her coach developed a strategy on exactly what she had to do and gave her the guidance and tools to be successful.  

Our team built a resume and cover letter for her that would allow her to stand out and showcase her skills in a compelling way. Then and only then would she get past the Applicant Tracking Systems. 

We then gave Soumya’s LinkedIn profile a makeover to ensure that everything was optimized (e.g., right keywords, in best groups, etc.).  

Before coaching, she didn't realize where to focus her time and energy, and this is where her coach really helped her pinpoint exactly what she needed to do and how to do it to get results.

Within a matter of weeks everything changed drastically.

She received 3 interviews and ultimately accepted her dream job in Industry! 

Congratulations, Soumya! 👏

"The decision I made paid off!"

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