If you haven't heard yet, we are on a mission to help 1,000 Pharmacy Pharmacists Get Hired This Year 👇
It's a bold goal, particularly when you consider just how tough the job market really is out there and that we aren't just focused on helping our clients get ANY job...but a GREAT JOB!

To be successful you need a lot more than a great resume you need a great strategy and you need to be prepared. 
Yet, what we've found is that most candidates rely on just one strategy alone...

Apply and Hope 🙏

Unfortunately that just doesn't work anymore. Not only will you be wasting your time (20-60 minute per application), but once you submit the application you are stuck feeling helpless and just hoping that you get an interview...

Unfortunately, the truth is that most of the time as a candidate you won't ever hear anything, and even if you do, it's likely not even from an actual human. Just an automated reply from the company's Application Tracking System (ATS).

With each job posting getting hundreds of qualified candidates (within days in some markets), it's easy to understand why HR is overwhelmed and relying on these automated ATS systems to screen out candidates. 
So, what do you do? 

Do you simply have to outsmart the ATS? 

That's certainly part of it, but even that's become nearly impossible to do since there's typically no visibility into how their algorithim is weighing certain skills or keywords on your resume.

That's why we like to use a different approach.

To learn the exact approach my team and I have developed and fine tuned over the years that has resulted in thousands of pharmacists successfully getting hired please check out my below free trainings. There you'll learn how to NOT just Apply and Hope but how to take action that will help you stand out and get hired.

How to Escape Retail and Find A MORE Fulfilling Career Path In Pharmacy

If you are feeling stuck and need guidance, please don't hesitate to schedule a Career Strategy session with us, it's free.

To your success,
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