Get Hired Fast Program
Step-By-Step Course to Land your Pharmacy Technician
Dream Job in Even the Most Saturated Job Markets
  • Get Hired Quickly Following This Proven System Specifically for Pharmacy Technician
  •  Finally Learn How to Make Your Resume Stand Out 
  •  Discover the Tricks to Get a Response on your Application 
  •  Discover How to Get Hired Even in a Saturated Job Market 
  •  Get Hired Even if You Have Too Much or Too Little Experience 
  •  And Much More!
Whether you are a seasoned Pharmacy Technician or a new grad, you may find that you were not properly prepared for the job search.
You may be asking yourself such questions as...

Where do I even start to look for jobs?

Which pharmacies and/or settings are right for me?

How do I create a resume that will land me an interview?

How should I prepare for a job interview?

Do I send a hiring manager a follow-up letter after I interview?

What's a good job offer?

How do I negotiate a job offer?

Whatever your questions are, rest assured that this program answers them. 

If for some reason it doesn't just contact us and we will find the answer (if we don't already know it).

After you complete this 11 Module Course, you will have all of the tools that you need to quickly find and land your next Pharmacy Technician Job - working where you want to!
Ultimate Pharmacy Technician Job Search System
  •  11 Easy To Use and Implement Training Modules
  • Only Course Designed and Developed Exclusively for Pharmacy Professionals
  • Ready to Use Templates Including Cover Letters, Resumes, and Follow Up Templates
  •  Turbocharge Your Job Search and Get Hired Fast!
  •  Program Developed By Leading Pharmacy Career Experts!
  •  No Risk - Money Back Guarantee!

A Look Inside The Program...
Once enrolled, you will get access to all 11 of our course modules that will walk you step-by-step on what you need to do in every phase of your job search to stand out and get hired fast that includes videos and downloadable cheat sheets and templates. 
Module 1 - The Plan
Overview of Our Job Search Strategy
In the first module, you will learn how finding a job in the pharmacy industry has evolved drastically over the years and what you need to do to get hired in today.
  • Outline of Job Search Plan: Your journey begins here, one of the key concepts is understanding that the job market for pharmacy technicians has changed significantly and as a result, so has the techniques and strategies that you'll be using.
  •  Introduction to Concepts: We will start sharing some of the tools, technologies, and techniques that we will use to give you an edge in your job search.
Module 2 - The Hunt
How to Figure Out Which Pharmacy and Setting Is Right For You
Here you will learn how to uncover which pharmacy and setting is actually right for YOU - and how to position yourself to get hired there.
  • How To Drastically Expand Your Search Parameters: Discover little known pharmacies and settings in every market. 
  • Discover What Environments You’ll Succeed In: Depending on your background and experience, learn the different settings that you may have never concerned but would be great fit for you and your career.
Module 3 - Hidden Jobs
Secrets to Finding Job Openings
Proven tactics to learn about openings before everyone else and even how to access the “hidden job market.”
  • Learn How To Be the First To Know About An Opening: If you are waiting until a job is officially posted, then more likely than not you will be too late!
  •  Discover How To Be Considered Before Anyone Else: The saying "it's not what you know, but who you know" is especially true in pharmacy
Module 4 - Online Reputation
How Use Your Online Reputation POSITIVELY in Your Job Search
How to make sure that your online reputation (e.g. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) is working for you - and not ruining your job search.
  • Leverage Your Online Reputation to Get Hired: If you don't think the prospective employer isn't reviewing your online reputation then you are mistaken.
  •  How to Manage Your Online Presence: Learn the tips and tricks to make your online reputation (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) work for you - so that employers will seek you out!
Module 5 - Resume And CV
How to Bulletproof Resume and CV
Learn what your resume & CV should look like to get results - along with access to REAL templates for you to use with proven results.
  • Instant Access to Resume Templates You Can Use TODAY: Download these resume and CV templates that have been proven to be effective in getting candidates hired.
  •  How to Create A Resume/CV That Will Make You Stand Out: Learn tips and tricks to ensure that you and your resume get noticed by the pharmacy hiring manager
Module 6 - Cover Letter
How to Create a Stellar Cover Letter
You'll learn how to write a Cover Letter that will make you stand out and what to include and what you should not. You'll also have access to our cover letter templates.
  • Ready to Use Cover Letter Templates: Download and use our collection of effective cover letters 
  •  Learn What to Include and What Not In Your Cover Letter: Discover exactly what you should and shouldn't include in your cover letter
Module 7 - Application Tips and Tricks
Job Application Tips and Tricks
I’ll show you how to significantly save time on those time consuming job applications and even how to navigate around those more controversial questions (e.g. salary, etc.).
  • Save Time Using These Application Hacks: Filling our applications can take up a significant amount of your time if you let them - learn the hacks to save you significant time! 
  •  How to NOT Be Passed On By Not Making Any of These Mistakes: You'd be surprised to learn the simple application mistakes that candidates make that immediately disqualify them from getting hired
Module 8 - The Interview
How to Ace Your Interview
The art & science of properly preparing and nailing your interview so that you get the job offer.
  • Outline Ace the Interview By Completing This Checklist: Learn how to properly prepare for an interview that will greatly set you apart from other candidates interviewing for the same job
  •  Learn How To Exhibit the Characteristics EVERY Hiring Manager Wants: More important than your experience and knowledge is this one thing and without exhibiting this one quality, you will most likely not be hired no matter how good a candidate you are
Module 9 - No Offer?
Didn't Get An Offer? 
Here's what you should do now.
What to do if you don't receive an offer - you'll learn strategies to turn a "no" into a YES.
  • How To Send Follow Up Emails to Drastically Improve Your Odds of Getting Hired: Just by following this simple follow up strategy
  •  Immediate Access to Follow-Up Email Templates That Actually WORK: Use our library of follow up emails, letters, and phone calls that are proven to work
Module 10 - The Follow up
How and When to Follow-Up Effectively
Learn a powerful strategy of exactly how, when, and who you should follow up with to get incredible results.
  • How You Can Turn A NO Into A YES! This revolutionary approach is a game changer - learn exactly how to do this in this module 
  •  Using A “Failure” to Create A Completely New Opportunity: Discover how you can turn just about any non-job offer into a possible job offer at that pharmacy, or another one!
Module 11 - The Offer
How and When to Follow-Up Effectively
How to make sure you are getting a good offer and getting paid what you are worth and the actual steps to take to ensure that.
  • How You Can Get An Extra 10-25% MORE In Your Job Offer! Learn the step-by-step process to get more money and in a polite and professional way
  •  How To Properly Evaluate and Negotiate Your Job Offer: You'll be able to compare your offer versus market and how to take all aspects of your offer into consideration (e.g. benefits, vacation, salary, work/life balance, etc.)
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q.What is this program based off of?

A.The curriculum and training is based upon the nearly 3 years of research, surveys, and interviews of leading pharmacy leaders and hiring managers and is updated on a regular basis.
Q. When will I get a hired?

A. It’s hard to say as there are so many variables including your specific job market, role you are interested in, experience, etc. However, if you are diligent in your approach and follow the steps that are shared with you in the program, on average most candidates start seeing results within 4 – 8 weeks (e.g. interviews, etc.).
Q. How does it work?

A.The program has 11 modules that will walk you through the entire job search process. As a member, you will have access to all of the modules training material, cheat sheets, templates, and other exclusive training materials.
Q. Can I use the templates (e.g. resume, cover letter, follow up, etc.) in the member area?

A. YES! That is what they there for and we will continually be updating our library of available templates for you to use. Also, please contact us if you have any special requests.
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