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How Ponce Successfully Transitioned To Hospital Pharmacy
(…with NO prior hospital experience)

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Ponce wanted to change career paths in pharmacy.

Ponce approached the job search with a clear goal: to find another management level role, but in a different practice setting.

He hadn't looked for a job nor interviewed for over 20 years! But he didn't let that detour him from reaching his goal.

Managing a busy long-term care pharmacy, he didn't have much time, and when he did find time, he applied to any jobs that looked interesting to him. 

He was relieved that he was able to secure 3 interviews. But his hope soon faded as it didn't seem to matter how many interviews he was getting since he would ultimately get rejected. Worse, he didn't know what he was doing wrong. 

He found himself feeling “stuck.” 

Ponce wasn’t about to settle: instead, he started doing research and realized just how cut-throat the hiring process was now in pharmacy, which he declared an “uphill battle unless you know what you’re doing.” 

He told himself that in order to convince the decision makers that he was the right fit for their pharmacies, he needed something or “somebody to give me some kind of competitive advantage.”  

So where to turn?

He faced the facts and leaned into reality—that is, just how small the pharmacy world really is: “It’s a different game than many, many moons ago…You don’t know what’s going on, who knows who.”

Ponce knew for sure that a headhunter wouldn’t necessarily represent his best interests, always more interested in “closing a deal.”
Ponce determined that he needed one-on-one help, “something like a coach.”  

He read some of the case studies of Pharmacy Career Coach and realized that this was exactly what he would need to stand out. 

Especially, the personalized overhaul of his resume and cover letter, as well as a thorough re-vamping of his interviewing skills.
Ponce was paired with a coach that specialized in helping pharmacists change practice settings, who had “been through the trenches of pharmacy at every level” and who “got to know me as a person before we dove into the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the hiring process.”

The coach could better pinpoint where Ponce would excel and, as he put it, “assess where I would fit in with potential employers.”
Ponce claims he would “recommend Pharmacy Career Coach…especially if you have a lot of experience…and also if you’re a new pharmacist coming out of school.”

Ponce admits that if he hadn’t jumped on board with PCC and worked one-on-one with his mentor, he’d “probably still be looking for another position…lost and discouraged.” 

Instead, he landed his dream job and managed his desired industry shift by learning through PCC how to “capitalize my strengths…[and] mitigate my weaknesses,” ultimately coming away able to “prove myself as the right person,” all of which was “a result of the excellent coaching process.” 

Come for a consult with PCC, the program that Ponce declares has its finger on the “pulse of the pharmacy job market.”

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