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How Logan Got 2 Job Offers &
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Logan was searching for months on end.
Logan is a pharmacist who faced one simple word that no professional wants to hear: layoffs. He had been working at a hospital that underwent major changes, and he quickly found himself (along with 60 coworkers) in the job search process.

He wasn’t too excited about having to ‘start over’ on his search, as he had grown accustomed to his workplace, his colleagues, and a steady paycheck. So news of the layoffs quickly really changed his reality. 

Like a majority of our clients, Logan was taking the ‘shotgun approach,’ where a candidate tries to connect with as many people as possible and hope everything would work itself out.

After months went by with little to no positive results, Logan began to wonder what else he could be doing. He realized that if what he was doing wasn’t working, then he would need to change his approach. 

Logan was nervous, since he had never really considered himself a ‘networker.’ 

He also really didn’t see much room to expand upon his current strategies. Plus, he strongly believed that if he just tried hard enough, he would succeed.

Logan was frustrated and ready to get back to work. Instead of complaining and worrying too much, he set out to find the experts. 

He came across the experts at Pharmacy Career Coach who have over the years helped hundreds of pharmacists get hired.

Still, Logan remained skeptical. 

He certainly didn’t want to pay for a coach, as he thought he could research and find all the necessary information online. 

But the truth was, he had already searched all over for the answers and found himself going nowhere fast.

Logan set up a call with the team, and while he was still reluctant to sign on, he finally realized that if he was able to save even one week of his time, this investment would be well worth it! And in all likelihood, he could’ve spent months on his own searching endlessly.

Logan had an incredible experience. On the very first call, he really connected with his coach and came away with a renewed energy for the process. While the search was still challenging, Logan realized he was more motivated than ever.

Now that he was fully equipped with all the resources and help he needed, Logan was able to land 2 job offers in a matter of weeks. He took time with his coach to optimize everything he was doing and quickly realized the ‘snowball effect.’ 

In fact, he received 2 offers within a week.  

Beyond gaining confidence, finally putting an end to his seemingly endless job search, and gaining life-long skills to help him no matter where his career stands, Logan was also able to negotiate an additional $8,000 on his contract. 

In a market this tight we hear of pharmacists who accept incredibly low offers and accept any offer that comes their way. However, Logan was able to speak with his coach, evaluate the offer, and then present his value in a most effective manner. He’s just one more example of a client who really took control of the job search to make things happen.
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