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How Loc Was Able To Transition
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Loc was receiving auto-rejections for 2 solid years... 
Have you experienced the utter frustration of being auto-rejected or never hearing back from interviews? 

This is exactly the experience that Loc faced. 

When asked where he needed the most help his response was, "Everywhere. This [the job search skills] is something they should teach in school.”

Loc wanted a great work-life balance and a career that allowed him to make a positive impact on those he served. 

Yet the job search was a long arduous. 

He spent YEARS looking on his own, with no positive results. 
By this time, he was close to giving up on pharmacy and doubted if he’d ever find what he was looking for.

He ended up accepting a role as an interpreter to pay the bills, but he had worked too hard and invested too much to become a pharmacist to give up on the dream.

Then Loc decided enough was enough; he knew something had to change. He knew he needed help.

Loc heard about Pharmacy Career Coach and set up a discovery session to at least find out how we could help him.

After trying the process on his own and not getting anywhere, he decided this new perspective could really benefit him.

He wavered over the decision but eventually decided to take a chance.

He started to see the results almost immediately.

His coach helped him get laser-focused and enabled him to drill down to EXACTLY which roles he would be best suited for. They collaborated to create a plan for success. 

Soon, Loc started landing interviews and shortly after that we received the news that Loc had accepted an offer to work as a Medical Data Scientist Pharmacist!
Loc had accepted an offer to work as a Medical Data Scientist Pharmacist and is loving his new career!
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