How Juanita Went From Not Getting
Interviews To Landing 4 Job Offers
(...including her dream job!)

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Juanita wanted to relocate and make a career path change but had no network. 

Juanita knew that she wanted to relocate and make a career change, but she was facing some serious challenges. 
  • wasn't clear on what she really wanted
  • hadn't looked for a job in years, so she really didn't know how to go about it
  • wanted to relocate to one of the most saturated markets in the country yet she had no network in place to help her
Juanita wanted to move all the way from Seattle to the other side of the country, to Virginia, so that she could be closer to her family. With no connections or network on the east coast, she was having a hard time researching and identifying the pharmacies in which she would be interested in working for, nor did she know how to go about getting interviews since she lived over 2,500 miles away!

Even though she had an extremely successful career, Juanita still had a significant amount of work to do in order to make this move a reality.

She had to polish her resume, think in-depth about her cover letter, and build and activate a network. Along with this, she would need to polish her interviewing skills and figure out what the Virginia market was like since it was across the nation. 

Juanita was attracted to the idea of working with a coach and a team, but she was unsure about how it would help her any more than what she could find on her own time working on the internet.

She really wanted to do this search on her own but realized that having a coach would save her months of time searching and trying to figure out all of the information on her own. 

Plus, Juanita wasn't sure where to start or how to go about this search properly. 

So she set forth in her search with a coach and a team behind her. On her very first call, she hit it off with her coach and instantly regained her confidence. 

Juanita was more motivated than ever to find a career across the nation. 

She learned so much, and all of a sudden networking was fun and easy—instead of overwhelming and frustrating. 

Juanita quickly made progress and landed an interview. 

Since she hadn't interviewed in years, she was a apprehensive but also excited to go through some mock interviews with her coach to prepare.

And just like that...Juanita not only got 1 job offer...she got 4 job offers!

Ultimately, she accepted an offer from PBM for a 100% remote poisiton! Her dream job.

What she was most excited about, though, is that she would finally be closer to her family!
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