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Evangeline was ready for change. 

After spending 10 years in retail, the physically demanding 10 to 12 hour days where taking a toll on her physically and mentally.

Evangeline knew she was ready to test out the pharmacy job market, but she also knew that relocating was not an option for her in the moment—and in the competitive pharmacy industry, that limitation can be a serious barrier.

In fact, Evangeline was really curious about working remotely as a change of pace from community pharmacy. After all, being on your feet for “ten to twelve hours a day,” per Evangeline’s experiences, could make anybody seek out the chance to work from home instead.

Put simply, Evangeline was certain she wanted to try that kind of flexibility on for size—to see, in her words, “if it would be a good fit.”

Admittedly, though, Evangeline wasn’t nearly as sure about where to start.

“I was just applying,” she claims, like anyone else—sending out tons of resumes and cover letters but “not getting a lot of bites.”She started looking around on her own finding and applying for jobs through Indeed and ZipRecruiter.  Eventaully, she was able to secure a few interviews but unfortunately she found that she either didn’t get the job offer or it wasn’t something that she really wanted. 

Unfortunately, the jobs that she really wanted she kept receiving rejection emails or never heard back from them.

Would coaching 'really' work for me?

The rejection emails hurt, but Evangeline somehow figured it was less about her and more about a pharmacy market that was “saturated.” Still, who wouldn’t feel discouraged? 

Then, the breakthrough. 

In her job hunt research, Evangeline stumbled upon some positive testimonials of pharmacy professionals who had enrolled in Pharmacy Career Coach. She was intrigued with these “real, credible people” and eager to find out more, but she came clean about being skeptical. 

Finally she came across a testimonial video from Pharmacy Career Coach and she recognized the benefits of the program. 

But she had concerns about whether or not it would really work for her and whether she would click with her coach? She was afraid that it was just going to be another reiteration of what she already knew. 

“I think I just was concerned about whether or not it would work,” she remembers. “I mean… I was willing to make the investment, but my fear was—what if I don’t get a return on my investment?” 

Bottom line: would she get enough return on her investment of time and money?

Through working with her coach she was able to rapildy move beyond her personal concerns and barriers. 

Not especially fond of networking, she received encouragement and techniques and applied them toward her job search. Coupling this with an improved resume and cover letters, she found she was locking in more interviews. 
Then it happened.

So who should get on board with a Pharmacy Career Coach? 

Evangeline shared that the program is a great fit for “anybody who just feels like they’re not making any inroads in their career search,” even those who somehow figure they shouldn’t need help to find a job: “I would definitely recommend it … It’s absolutely worth the money.” 

Evangeline went to an interview that she was finally excited about and not only did she interview well, but she received a job offer right on the spot. 

"Next week I'll be starting as a clinical MTM pharmacist. I get to work with patients to optimize their medications AND I get to do so from the comfort of my home -- 
a literal dream come true."

Because she was able to move out of her comfort zone and apply the methods her career coach suggested, she found her ideal position. 

What was holding her back? 

 The feeling that she was able to do it on her own. By realizing that there are people who could help, she succeeded. 

Once she joined Platinum Coaching the results came fast...

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