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How She Was Able To Pivot Out of Retail into PBM
(...During Covid)

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Dianne was sending resumes out and NOT hearing back...
No professional—in any industry—who has been on the job hunt circuit could claim to be unaffected by the pandemic, and pharmacists are no exception.
Take Dianne’s experience as a case study: the timing of her pharmacy position search coincided directly with the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions and shutdowns that are ravaging the country.
All of that simply added unforeseen complexities to an already challenging ordeal.
Dianne admits that “with Covid happening in an already tight job market, the search was pretty demoralizing,” and no doubt, countless others can relate.
 “with Covid happening in an already tight job market, the search was pretty demoralizing,”
Enter Pharmacy Career Coach.

After seeking out the very special kind of collaboration offered by PCC, Dianne was newly inspired to put her best foot forward—on all fronts—which meant a complete overhaul of her resume and a fresh set of interview skills. And in her PCC coach, Dianne found the ideal partner to help her more efficiently and cleverly navigate the uncharted territory she was facing.

Ultimately, Dianne’s career coach’s guidance would prove to be essential to her success.

By helping her see the full picture of all the steps she’d need to go through she was able to raise the level of awareness to every last detail that she’d need to work on and execute.

For instance, Dianne knew the her interviewing needed some improvements. But with coaching, she uncovered how to prepare and perform at much higher level. She became more conscious of so many other gaps in her preparation and in her presentation—including how her current resume was imperfectly profiling her credentials and her relevant skills and experiences.

“...what I had [resume] in the beginning and what it looked like in the end were radically different.”
In fact, Dianne confessed to being really surprised at the level of attention her coach gave the resume, declaring that “what I had in the beginning and what it looked like in the end were radically different.”

Dianne said that her coach brought that essential “second set of eyes” to the resume and knew best about just what should remain—and what was dragging down her profile.

The immediate results?

Dianne received four different job interviews just by peddling that new and improved resume!

Let’s face it: looking for a job can feel so demoralizing and depressing if you don’t get immediate results. It’s easy to lose motivation if you are looking (without success), month after month while the perfect position fails to materialize.

As Dianne put it, anyone can “lose confidence in this job market” and feel like “no one is really looking at my resume.”

That frustration can show up in the interview unless a candidate is polished and practiced upon arrival, so Dianne relied on her coach’s intent to “really practicing” ahead of a job interview, prompting her to build and refine a bank of compelling and distinct on-the-spot responses that would no doubt make her stand out—and gain an edge over competitors.

“I don’t know how I would have survived without one-on-one coaching,” she claimed.

Her results…
Dianne received and accepted a PBM role!
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