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How Devin (New Grad) Went
From 0 Interviews To Getting Hired
( happened within weeks after he did this)

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Devin is from Texas and he just landed his first job out of school!

Devin is a new grad of the University of Texas at Austin, class of 2019, where he earned the Doctorate of Pharmacy. Prior to receiving his Texas pharmacist license, he had the opportunity to intern at well-respected and diverse pharmacy settings such as Walgreens (Community); Avella Specialty (Oncology Specialty); Tarrytown Pharmacy (Community); and Baylor Scott & White (Managed Care).

But despite his experience and despite doing all the "right things" as he was told to do to, it still somehow wasn't enough.

"I've completed tons of online applications that I found thru iHire Pharmacy, LinkedIn, and Monster...but I can't get a response or I'm getting told that I don't have enough experience."

The excitement he felt to finally start his career was beginning to fade, replaced by sheer frustration.

He was entering a job market far different than the environment he had been told about. Not only was Devin competing against all the other new grads in Texas (there are 6 pharmacy schools in the state), but he also had to compete against all the other more experienced candidates living and working in Texas, as well as pharmacists eager to move there from all across the country (especially to Austin).

He realized that it may not be as easy as he thought to stay in Austin, or in Texas for that matter. Devin needed expert help to change his strategy.

Texas Pharmacist Job Market Trend

Pharmacy Workforce Center, 2019

After seeing a Pharmacy Career Coach training, Devin reached out to our team and joined our Platinum Coaching program. 
In his first coaching session, he said proudly, "I'll work anywhere in the United States, or about 35 states or so." 

At this point, Devin simply wanted to start his career, anywhere, and he realized he was willing to work in virtually any practice setting. 

As much as we loved that sense of openness and flexibility, Devin’s desired criteria was simply too expansive. If we didn't craft a more specific checklist of wants/needs, precious time would be wasted since it’s impossible for a candidate to focus so broadly. 
A lack of clarity is one of the most common challenges that we face when working with candidates in our coaching program; it is also why we address a multitude of components (e.g., resume, cover letter, etc.) at the start to better establish what you want to do with your career—and where you want to do it. 

We were able narrow Devin’s focus down to 3 geographic locations and 3 practice settings (Managed Care, Clinical Pharmacist Health System, and MSL). Then and only then could we work on developing his job search strategy. 

After refining the search and using the strategies that his coach shared with him, Devin landed 2 interviews!

He then shifted focus to preparing for the upcoming interviews.

Devin’s coach set up mock interviews to help him gain confidence and to ensure that he was crystal clear about how to present himself as the best candidate for the job. They also worked expressly on how to answer and ask questions in the most effective and productive way possible.

Devin was nervous about blowing the interview, given how much time and energy goes into actually getting an interview. He didn't want to waste this precious opportunity.
...while Devin seemed confident on the outside, the truth was that he was stressed out (just like everyone else).
As a result of his careful interview preparation, however, Devin headed into the interview with confidence and clarity. He ended up nailing the interviews—and then came the good news: he got the job! 

Excited and relieved, Devin was ready to accept on the spot. But before doing so, he consulted his coach who helped him realize that there may be some room to sweeten his offer. 

After much discussion and deliberation, he ultimately decided to try what he thought would be impossible to negotiate as a new grad. 

He presented his value in a professional manner and managed to increase his offer by nearly $5,000!

Devin accepted and is now starting his career in Austin, Texas, as a Clinical Pharmacist!
He presented his value in a professional manner and was
able to increase his offer by nearly $5,000!
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