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Antonio was yelling at his keyboard..."I want to work!"

Antonio had spent over 5 months looking for a job and was starting to wonder if he would ever get hired.

The process was frustrating. He was spending hours upon hours of his valuable time but wasn't able to get results.

Antonio was frustrated and feeling hopeless, reliant on a strategy that most candidates use...

Apply and Hope.

He would see a job posting that he had the qualifications for (or at least most of them) and then he would spend the 30 to 60 minutes to apply and then he would just wait and hope that he would get an interview request (or, even just a response!).

He was growing frusterated.

The  work-to-reward was lopsided, and the time, energy, and not to mention the emotional roller coaster was taking a toll on him - and beyond that, Antonio felt alone in the search.

He started to think critically about what he was doing wrong. 

Antonio had invested so much into becoming a pharmacist, and he was more than ready to find a job so he could live out his passion.

And so after hitting the 5-month mark, Antonio realized he needed help. 

As soon he enrolled in coaching the results were almost instantaneous. Finnally the time and energy he was now spending on his job search was yielding progress. 

His coach demonstrated, step by step, what he needed to do, and within 4 weeks Antonio had landed an interview. 

Within 6 week he was hired!
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