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I'm a...Pharmacy Technician
I'm a...Pharmacist

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

  • Sending resumes but not hearing back?
  • You have the skills, but can't get an interview?
  • Have interviews, but don't get an offer?
  • Struggling with your resume or cover letter?
  • Not sure where to begin your job search?
  • Wondering what hiring managers are "really" looking for?

Don't worry...this is the "new" normal and you aren't alone...

This is EXACTLY why this program was made - to help you stand out, and get hired quickly by learning what do to in all of these situations!

Ultimate Job Search Blueprint & Action Plan

  • 11 training modules
  • Course developed specifically for pharmacy professionals
  • Over 200 pages of action packed content (and growing!)
  • Ready to use templates including cover letters, resumes, and follow up templates
  • And much more!

Recent Testimonials...

Sandra T Sandra T, Pharmacy Techncian

...the best part of the program for me was the Resume and Cover Letter Module. In school, I never learned how to create a resume and cover letter that best presents my skills for each individual role I apply to and one that will set me apart. The templates and tips I got worked almost immediately.

Katelyn R. Katelyn R., Pharmacist

After being at the same pharmacy for almost 25 years I didn't know how or where to start my job search. I needed a step-by-step plan and that's exactly what I got. It worked great for me and within a couple of weeks I got a new job that I'm loving!

What's Inside the Course?

Once enrolled, you will get access to all 11 of our course modules that will walk you step-by-step on what you need to do in every phase of your job search.

  • 1

    Overview of Our Job Search Strategy

    In the first module, you will learn how finding a job in the pharmacy industry has evolved drastically over the years and what you need to do to get hired in today.

  • 2

    How to Figure Out Which Pharmacy and Setting Is Right For You

    Here you will learn how to uncover which pharmacy and setting is actually right for YOU - and how to position yourself to get hired there.

  • 3

    Secrets to Finding Job Openings

    Proven tactics to learn about openings before everyone else and even how to access the “hidden job market.”

  • 4

    How Use Your Online Reputation POSITIVELY in Your Job Search

    How to make sure that your online reputation (e.g. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) is working for you - and not ruining your job search.

  • 5

    How to Bulletproof Resume and CV

    Learn what your resume & CV should look like to get results - along with access to REAL templates for you to use with proven results.

  • 6

    How to Create a Stellar Cover Letter

    You'll learn how to write a Cover Letter that will make you stand out and what to include and what you should not. You'll also have access to our cover letter templates.

  • 7

    Application Tips and Tricks

    I’ll show you how to significantly save time on those time consuming job applications and even how to navigate around those more controversial questions (e.g. salary, etc.).

  • 8

    How to Ace Your Interview

    The art & science of properly preparing and nailing your interview so that you get the job offer.

  • 9

    Didn't Get An Offer? Here's what you should do now.

    What to do if you don't receive an offer - you'll learn strategies to turn a "no" into a YES.

  • 10

    How and When to Follow-Up Effectively

    Learn a powerful strategy of exactly how, when, and who you should follow up with to get incredible results.

  • 11

    How to Review & Negotiate Your Job Offer Like A Boss

    How to make sure you are getting a good offer and getting paid what you are worth and the actual steps to take to ensure that.

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100+ Success Stories, At Pharmacies Like These...

  • Q.What is this program based off of?

    A.It’s built upon my own system that I’ve successfully used for nearly a decade for both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians across all settings. Additionally, it’s based off of countless hours of research that I’ve conducted, interviews, and surveys of pharmacy department hiring managers and leaders.

  • Q.How does it work?

    A.The program has 11 modules that will walk you through the entire job search process. As a member, you will have access to all of the modules training material, cheat sheets, templates, and other exclusive training materials.

  • Q.When will I get a hired?

    A.It’s hard to say as there are so many variables including your specific job market,  role you are interested in, experience, etc.  However, if you are diligent in your approach and follow the steps that are shared with you in the program, on average you should start seeing results within  4 –  8 weeks (e.g. interviews, etc.).

  • Q.Can I use the templates (e.g. resume, cover letter, follow up, etc.) in the member area?

    A.YES! That is what they there for and we will continually be updating our library of available templates for you to use. Also, please contact us if you have any special requests.